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About www Redirect Checker

WWW Redirect Checker is a tool that can check your URL for accuracy. We know that many directories make redirects to external sites. Webmasters are required to know which type of redirection is used to their site because search engines are at times misled by some types of redirects. The information provided by this tool can benefit those directory owners who are not aware of the techniques used to count the clicks to external sites. It takes very little time to check a redirect in seconds. 

WWW Redirect Checker by Heal SEO Tools 

  • Our URL checker is the fastest and the easiest redirect checker tool which can save a lot of time since it can check a redirect in seconds.

  • It is simple to use and provides the precise answer to questions, often asked by SEO’s, directory owners, and webmasters. It is quick in identifying the three main types of redirections - 301 redirect, 302 redirect, and HTML redirect or Meta refresh.

  • It can detect frames (FRAME tag) within the page pointed to by the tested link.

  • JavaScript links are not recommended to be used in this tool as it can analyse only HTML links

Features of Redirect Checker 

Redirect Checker has several features mentioned below:

  • Option to select different user agents like - Desktop-Browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc), Mobile Devices (IPad, iphone, Android, Windows Phone, etc.), and Search Engine Bots (GoogleBot, Google Mobile Bot, Yandex, BingBot, etc.)

  • It can check 302 and 301 redirects

  • It can support as well as checks https redirects

  • It can check Meta refresh redirects

  • It can check and show redirect chains

  • It also checks HTTP headers like Status Code, X-Robots-Tag, Rel Canonical Header Tag "Link:" Thus, it can check status codesresponse headers, and redirect chains easily Redirect checker has the ability to visually represent a maximum of ten redirects. Its main duty is to check in-details for each request URL to get the full redirect chain with HTTP response headers, response body, and round-trip times.

Important Terms Used


The result is obtained by selecting status codes, redirect types, or search for specific request URLs.

Redirect latency

It is mostly noticeable for users on mobile networks where the screen is blank when redirecting takes time.

Easy input

In one batch it can paste up to 100 URLs and check status codes and redirect chains.

Request headers

You can Select a User-Agent and enter HTTP Basic Authentication credentials; sometimes you can add an optional HTTP request header like Accept-Language or Cookies.

Data export

By using filters to export a specific selection of request URLs status codes, redirect types and locations to a CSV or XLS file