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Domain name carries the identity of a website because it is unique, and indicates the address of a website through which the user can find the site. Whois is a response protocol that allows you to track the registration record information of a domain name like ownership and expiration of a domain name, purchase date, owners, technical information, billing, administration, etc. Whois Checker is an effective tool to search by using the website address. 

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  • Our Whois checker is a powerful tool that can give you key information about a domain. It helps you to:

  • Learn about the domain registration, such as the owner, place of registration, expiry date, how to contact the domain owner, etc.

  • Learn important META DATA elements to index the site used by search engines.

  • Give information on the Web Server and SSL certificate for the domain's website.

  • Know the geographic location and information about the IP addresses for the website.

  • Click on our WHOIS lookup and get more results about the domain's health and it's configuration as compared to DNS standards recommendations, lookup & monitor its DNS settings, and visit the registrar's site to get more information depending upon the registrar.