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About Website Screenshot Generator

Every device has different features to take a screenshot. For smart phones, screenshots can be taken either by clicking the home button and the lock screen button together. Taking screenshots through a desktop or a laptop depends upon the variant - an Apple MacBook computer requires to press Command+Shift+3; whereas, other computers take screenshots by pressing the Print Screen button. 

Taking website screenshot is not a familiar thing for some of the users. To cover up this issue, we have come up with a tool to make it easier for people to take a full-page screenshot. Heal SEO Tools has developed a screenshot generator that can take full page screenshot of every website compatible with the configurations of any devices. This tool is called Website Screenshot Generator. It captures website screen online.

Steps to take a screenshot of a web page 

This Website Screenshot Generator Tool by Heal SEO Tools can take a screenshot of every page either full page or partial. You can take a screenshot of any webpage on the internet. It is an online free tool. It involves certain steps to take a screenshot of a web page.

Step I: Enter the URL of which you want to take a screenshot online by opening the Website Screenshot Generator Tool.

Step II: Click ‘Submit’.
Step III: Select the device - Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet on which you want to take the screenshot. XLarge (1024x640), Large (640x420), Medium (320x300), and Small (160x100) are the various screenshot size. Choose the relevant size. 

Step IV: The final step is to click on the 'Take Screenshot' button. 
Then the tool will display the screenshot instantly. You can download it.

Features of Website Screenshot Generator Tool

We have several other free tools such as link analyzer, backlink lookup, article rewriter, website screenshot generator, etc. that are advantageous for webmasters.

Our website screenshot generator is one of the easiest tools to use. All you need is to enter a domain. Then select the device and the size of the screenshot, and click on the 'Take Screenshot' button. That’s how this tool works. For example, let us take ' as your domain for which you want to take a screenshot. Then select the device Tablet, and keep the screenshot size as Extra Large (XL), and submit. 

The tool will take a full webpage screenshot of your domain.

Advantages of a Screenshot Maker

It is a convenient tool. There are many situations where capturing screenshots become necessary to solve the issue. For example, problems while accessing a website can be solved showing the screenshot of the problem page to the website's support team. Our Screenshot Maker can be utilized to take a screenshot in this case. 

Another example can be – you are an internet provider and your customers are complaining of the issue with the UI of your webpages. Here, you can take a screenshot of those pages of your domain and send it to the website hosting service to fix the problem. The quality of the screenshot taken by our is high in quality.