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About Google Cache Checker

A cache is a technical process to store copies of website docs comprise of HTML and images temporarily. These stored data can be used for future requests to serve faster because they are the result of an earlier computation or a copy of data stored elsewhere. A cache can reduce bandwidth usage, perceived lag, and web server load.   Quickcache and jpcache are the most commonly used caching techniques.

Free Google Cache Checker by Heal SEO Tools

Google Cache Checker tool can detect google cached for your website page. This tool, by entering the URLs of your website’s pages, can be used for free to check if your site's pages are stored on google search or not. It is a highly sophisticated tool because it is excellent in detecting if any of your pages is serving cached web pages. 

In SEO analytics, this tool can save a lot of your time. It is an online free tool with an easy user interface that enables you to generate results in a jiffy. With this tool, you will have the chance to check a particular website and insert correct information regarding Google cache status based upon the latest modification. Real-time data and date of each cache will be available to check any problems. That is why it is a convenient tool for SEO experts and webmasters. Cache Checker shows you the last date and time when your site was live and the indexed links of your site recognized as cached URLs. It returns the Google generated most updated cached version of your website and shows how often a site is being cached. 

When your web cached version does not display, then it should be considered a sign of your website being penalized or Google search engine can't crawl your website. Here, Google Index Checker, Google Malware Checker; Google Page Speed Checker can enhance your site. 

An outstanding feature of our Google Cache Checker tool

An important feature of our Cache Analyzer tool is that it enables supports visitors to access a site that is actually offline. As an outdated website host package takes around 24 to 72 hours to update the DNS domain server address and transfer your site to another web server. During this, this tool enables you to access your site to cached web links of a particular date and time when the site was live as referred by Google search engine. The Google Cache Analyzer also enables you to know if your pages have been indexed in the Google results so that it is easily retrievable.

How to enhance Google Cache

The steps to make adjustments to expand the size of the cache in Google Chrome browser are as follows:

Go to settings, right-click on Google Chrome shortcut, and click the Properties option. Then go to “Shortcut”, click on the “Targeted field” option and push the end key to make the cursor shift to the bottom of the text. In that, type “disk-size-cache=10000000″ in the box to adjust cache size and click on “OK”. Close and re-open the browser and start using the new Google cache size.