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About XML Sitemap Generator

A sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs and describes the website’s sections and pages. The XML sitemaps are very common. They can be created manually or with the use of a sitemap generator. Creating sitemaps manually is time-consuming, and requires knowledge of markup language - XML. To make it a notch easier, use our FREE XML Sitemap Generating Tool just by clicking on ( Google, Bing, and other major search engines find, crawl, and index your website more easily and effectively through submitted XML sitemaps. If the search engines can crawl your website easily then it is likely easier to improve your rankings. A specific XML sitemap gives search engines advanced instructions on pages that have recently changed or are most likely to. You can also edit and set the sitemaps’ crawl priority of the homepage to 1.0 (maximum) and lower the priority for old, outdated content posts. This informs search engines of the ‘crawl priority’ of the pages. 

Our Free XML Sitemap Generator Tool

Google and other Search Engines can quickly and easily identify all pages of your website if you have a sitemap created for Google and other search engines. So, creating XML Sitemaps is the primary and the most important thing for your website. Keeping this in mind, we have    created the best, free online XML sitemap creator, which is easy to use and generates a preview of your WebPages on your website.

To use our free online sitemap maker, all you need to do is to enter your domain name and other smaller details like date, month, change frequency, priority, and number of pages to crawl. Then click on ‘Generate Sitemap’ and wait for the tool to crawl your entire site.  The tool crawls more pages on your website to create your sitemap by appending the URLs to the sitemap file that it creates. Once crawling is over, download your sitemap and upload it into Google Search Console for easy access by Google. You can locate them on your domain :  

All about Creating an XML Sitemap

Search Engines hugely depends upon your XML sitemap file. So, it becomes necessary to provide the right information to the search engines through your XML sitemap.

Sometimes poor crawl experience for search engine bots can lead to spending less time on your more important pages. This is because XML sitemap file may encounter certain issues such as - URLs may redirect to new destinations or follow long redirect chains, parameter pages that have been blocked within the search engine robot’s txt file or the parameter handling options, and problems in Google Search Console.

The above issues can be resolved through the following recommendations.

  • Don’t include canonicalized URLs to other areas of the website because it will confuse bots and waste crawl time. 
  • Don’t include any instances of 4xx error or unsecured URLs on secure domains as well as outdated content. 
  • For faster and easier indexing keep adding new URLs to your XML Sitemap and submit them to the index.

Tags used to generate a sitemap

Several tags we have chosen to include when generating a sitemap are LastMod, ChangeFreq, and Priority. ChangeFreq tag is there and sets it to “daily” for every page to encourage Google to keep returning to your website