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About Mozrank Checker

At the first glance, all webmaster and SEO experts must know how search engines rank websites. Our tool can assess as well as score the authentic links of a site considering Google’s emphasis on the valuable web links. Google will rank your site higher if it has valuable links because the website’s credibility depends on it. Google also considers the to and fro of web links traffic to a site and traffic coming. There are over 200 metrics of systems upon which the Google ranking system is based. 

The working mechanism of our Mozrank Checker

Comparatively speaking, Moz and Google’s ranking algorithms are slightly different. You can check out our tool to check your website ranking in Moz. Just by entering the URL and submit it, you will get to see how the analyses and checks your website’s. It will ultimately show you the website’s Mozrank. Moz will notify your website’s authority and importance by checking the applicability of links to the website. The ranking is based on - genuine links to a site, Webpage hits, and website Traffic produced by the links to your site. After combining all aspects mentioned above, your Website’s Mozrank is calculated, the number of quality link traffic to your site being the principal aspect in your MozRank score. It ranks between 10 & 1.

Tips to improve Mozrank

You can increase your Mozrank score through the tips mentioned below.

  • Join a link exchange scheme of similar interests as yours and exchange web links with them but avoid illegal link farms. Use some blog websites of the same interests as yours that allow for external comments. Start publishing comments on these blogs from your website by mentioning your site URL while you post a comment. Then check your URL again in the tool. Now you will notice your website ranking starts climbing. Moz collects data from its sources like MozRank, MozScape web index, MozTrust and numerous other factors and runs an algorithm to compile page authority. In Mozrank, page authority scores range from 1 to 100. Moz page rank authority is a score that predicts how well a webpage ranks in search engine result pages (SERP).

  • Another way to improve your MozRank score is through popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Start generating social media posts for both based upon your business sites based on your domain name. Your posts should be conversational and engaging for the audience because it will help in increasing traffic to your site.

How to use this tool efficiently

It is clear that a website takes an ample amount of time to gain traffic and recognition. The process of updating your site and creating new web links should continue for a website to gain traffic. Then only you can run our MozRank checker. It gives reports on website URL, Domain Authority, and MozRank. Keep on trying to better your Moz rank by testing the modifications you entered. Focus on boosting your links and traffic to gain popularity.